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Long manufacturer’s guarantees

The LED Revolution!
Lights that last longer

Warehouse interior

Commercial & industrial LED lighting

Forget fluorescent lighting, LEDs are the future. We install heavy duty LED lighting for large commercial and industrial premises. Flobay by Dakal provide quality high bay, low bay and floodlighting solutions. For offices, retail and leisure premises we install quality LEDs including JCC advanced lighting and Megaman lamps. These innovative LEDs include down lights, spotlights and LED flat panels.

Contemporary shelving

Domestic LED lighting

Create your ideal ambience with LED lighting in the home. Lights are available in either a cool or warm light. Under-shelf and cabinet lighting gives your home that contemporary feel. Wall, ceiling and downlights are also available throughout the home. With lower energy requirements and maintenance free, no re-lamping options available, LEDS are a far better investment!

Our top 5 reasons to choose LEDS

  • LEDs last longer – much longer
  • LEDs are cold to touch and considered safer
  • LEDs require less power – saving you electricity
  • LEDs are highly versatile in many environments
  • LEDs are recyclable and contain no harmful materials

A better investment

Yes, LEDs may cost a bit more initially but the benefits are more than worth it. Plus the combined energy savings and increased longevity means that over time LEDs actually save you money. We supply and install market leading brands including Dakal, JCC and Megaman for greater performance.

Industrial unit interior

LED Project Work

Here’s an LED lighting Project completed by our team for Volvo in Duxford.

We installed LED Flobay by Dakal to create a fully lit working environment. Flobay is the ideal floodlighting solution.